Hey there. This is the starting point of “One Man’s Trash,” a cross between the chaos of “Untitled Goose Game” and the dungeon crawling, progression-based structure of “Hades”. Instead of battling underworld denizens, you’ll be knocking over trash cans, creating messes, and… other stuff (TBD).

In each level of “One Man’s Trash,” our raccoon hero will wreak havoc in various establishments - museums, shops, supermarkets - basically anywhere interesting and filled with things to knock over. You’ve got a simple goal: stir up enough chaos to claim the level as your own. With each mess made, the chaos meter goes up and you get closer to victory.

Through this devlog, I’ll bring you along for the ride, from the brainstorming of mechanics to the nitty-gritty details of the stealth system. It’ll all be laid out here. Expect progress updates, occasional sneak peeks, and a candid look at the highs and lows of game development.

Let’s see where this goes.